Thursday, November 29, 2007

About the open source fact-check

This blog has a single purpose: to analyze blog postings about open source, and to do some basic fact-checking where necessary. This has become more important because there is an increasing number of blogs which have a bias and political view-point they are trying to promote, and that are not being counter-balanced.

What can you expect to read here? Well, we'll be dissecting some of the more salacious "news" you will see in various places, and actually look at the facts behind it - do a bit of research, see what the situation really is.

What you won't find here are promotions of any particular software or project: it's up to you to choose what open source you want to use. We won't promote or denigrate any particular company. We won't make personal attacks on people, although we may indirectly be commenting on their journalistic skills: if it seems they've done a bad job writing about something, that's unavoidable.

There is no one particular blog we are concentrating on, although by their nature some of them will come up more often because they have a track record of poor writing and research.


Marcus said...

Precisely because this blog deals with issues of interest to the open source community, I think it would be important to allows users to comment using an OpenID. This is a new feature that Blogger provides, but it must be enabed by the blog owner, as described here.

Another comment is that I think it is also important, in the name of transparency, to give the authorship of the posts. Afterall, you don't allow anonymous comments, so why allow anonymous posts? Transparency is important for a project like this, I believe, and it would be even more interesting if multiple fact checkers collaborated in the effort, eventually -- under a moderator/editor, perhaps.

Matt Asay said...

Awesome! I presume you'll also be doing a proprietary software fact check? Or is it assumed that the proprietary world tells the truth while open source advocates are hopelessly biased?

SavRod said...

Matt, the answer to your 2nd question is yes. ;-)


johndrinkwater said...

Certainly a good idea, we’ve been needing something like this for a while, are there easy ways for us to forward stories to you?

I’d also like you to post a little more information about yourselves and what your ties are, distro/DE of choice, etc - I worry that it’s just another blog with “spin”, and would like to know how much spin ;)